French manufacturer / Plastic films, technical lay-flat tubing and polyethylene bags

Colly & Martin
A company committed to its customers

Commitments and certifications

Our know-how and expertise
at the service of our customers

We are a team of professionals, available and close to your concerns, who understand the demands of your business and have the skills and expertise to develop turnkey technical solutions.

Responsiveness and flexibility
of our service

Our set up enables for effective responsiveness in the decision making thus meeting your expectations in terms of listening, quality, lead time and cost. One of our main objectives as a team being the quality of our products and services, we have been able to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

60 years
of customer service

Our experience allows us to adapt to the size of your company as well as to the evolution and challenges of the market.

A company committed to quality

ISO 9001 (1999): guarantee of organisational quality revolving around customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Colly & Martin is a dynamic and forward-looking company whose culture makes it possible to optimise its competitiveness and the quality of its products.

Our latest investments

2017 New 8-colour printing machine
2018 Robotic raw materials feeding system
2019 Mono-layer extruder
2019 Air cooling system for the production areas
2020 Co-extruder (3 layers)
2021 New bag production line

We manufacture over 6000 tonnes of polyethylene each year thanks to the latest state-of-the-art equipment including 7 extrusion lines, 6 printing machines et 11 welding machines.
The raw materials used come from world-renowned suppliers.

A responsible
and civic-minded company

ISO 14001 since 2013

Re-using our waste: 100% of our polyethylene waste is sorted, recycled and reused for various applications. We optimise our production process in order to reduce energy consumption. We guide our customers towards eco-design by encouraging the use of recycled materials and reducing the thickness of films whilst maintaining their functional and mechanical properties. We aim for a positive societal footprint.

A company committed
to food safety

ISO 22000 since 2016 and FSSC 22000 since 2020

Our products are manufactured in accordance with hygiene and production good practices

Hazards linked to food safety are controlled

Traceability is guaranteed throughout the process

The CSR commitments

With a great presence of women in management, Colly & Martin is committed to train and support women for workshop positions traditionally held by men. Such commitment is made possible via considerable investments in handling equipment allowing everyone to work in better conditions.

We strictly comply with laws, regulations and good professional practices at all levels thanks to our stringent and thorough adherence to work ethics.

Health and Safety prevention is paramount to our CSR commitment. Our approach to safety and security is reinforced during investments and we focus on improving personal safety and consequently general employee safety.

Colly & Martin is also committed to continuous professional development encouraging each member of staff to improve their skills.

A company present
in its local history

Colly & Martin was founded in 1963 and is one of the oldest plastics processor companies in Sainte-Sigolène at the gateway of Lyon. We are a family SME.

The company, still led by the Martin family, is wedded to its home turf and contributes to its fast-moving economy, the life of its local community and its well-preserved environment.

… and looking
to the future.

We regularly make significant investments in order to improve performance and working conditions in compliance with the demands of the market, supported by the AURA region and ‘France Relance’.

This is an integral part of our company’s culture